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Friday, 08 June 2007
"In the middle of Vojvodina (Voevodina) plane, (on space of expanonian sea) it was establishead the company d.o.o. "Panakva", with its head office in Novi Sad - Serbia.
Visionary managed d.o.o. "Panakva", in short time developed, enclosed and improved complete reproduction activity, starting from exploration and exploitation of underground waters by deep pipe wells, through their equipping and maintenance regeneration of old deposist and doing oll kinds of hydrogeological, hydromechanical, electroinstallation activities, water-and construction works, either individualy or group water actions.
Searching for underground waters and exploitation is the challenge for each company with such activity. D.o.o. "Panakva" has up-to-date drilling machines for all types of wells for maximum depth of 1000 m, and drilling diameter up to 455 mm. Skilled and well trained workers fully use the equipment.
Modern mobile electrocarotage machine of d.o.o. "Panakva" meets the requirements of technological progress, beside all necessery geophysical measurings for constructing and building of new wells. This equipment is also capable to give precise diagnostics of existing exploiting wells, so it is possible to repair, regenerate and recover them in the most effective and economic way.
Precise data enable optimal exploitation of wells, and timely interventions greathy increase their using period .
Company d.o.o. "Panakva" enterprise has special and specific tehnical inovations, one of them is so called "hydraulic expander". By this system piped well is expanded in the waters layer to diameter of 600 mm so we get maximum quantity and gretly extended exploitation period.saer_grb.gif
"Panakva" is exclusive reseler in Serbia for well known Italian pump and ectric motors producers SAER . We provaide all you need about this trade mark whit low cost efective and maintaince, repair and services solution.
Water from deep holes met all required criteria of corectness. In our workshops we maintain and repair complete equipment for pipe wells.
D.o.o. "Panakva" is authorised service for the pump factory and world known pump and motor manufacturer "SAER" Italy
Skilled personnel and moden equipment enable us to repair successfuly, with good quality and guarantee sinking pumps and motors by some other manufacturers. D.o.o. "Panakva" during this ustable period at market our managing board decided to expand our activities:
  • conduit building and reconstruction
  • canalization building and cleaning
  • drenaige building and cleaning
  • public dump building on high Europian standard
  • country road and public  road building
At the begining of 1999 there were 115 employers in d.o.o. "Panakva" and ower 100 workers were engaged because free capacities have been used at the neighbourhood factories. As the market principles and economic logic have been accepted d.o.o. "Panakva" Novi Sad from Serbia, is not worried about its future, because the abilities of the people in "Panakva" and nearby are inexhaustible as mutch as the inexhaustible are the depths of the Panonian fields."

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